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Diesel Engine & Transmission Dyno

Pacific Power Products offers two full-service dyno locations, staffed by expert diagnostic technicians, offering dyno testing, engine diagnostics, fuel consumption, oil analysis, borescoping, engine break-in and more.

Our newest (4500HP) dyno in Kent, Washington features a two-story cooling tower to test large industrial engines and heat exchanger cooled marine engines.  — Call: 253-854-0505

Ridgefield, Washington has two diesel engine dynos (500HP and 1000HP) and a semi truck chassis dyno. Call: 360-887-5900


Diesel Engine Dyno - Kent

Services include professional test management with fully-integrated monitoring and computer controlled dynamometer cycle; either according to our standards or to a custom profile desired by customer.

  • From 30 to 4500 HP
  • 15,000 ft. lbs. Torque
  • Cooling System to Properly Test Industrial and Heat Exchanger Cooled Marine Engines
  • Call Today - Kent: 253-854-0505


Diesel Engine Dynos - Ridgefield
  • Two Dyno Test Cells: 500 HP and 1000 HP
  • Power/Torque Curve Analysis
  • Cylinder Kit and New Engine Break-In
  • Leak Testing
  • Tuning and Calibration
  • Measure: Power Output, Oil PSI, Water Temp, Blowby Volume, Exhaust Temp, and More
  • Environmental Coolant Recycling System
  • Call Today - Ridgefield: 360-887-5900


Transmission Dyno Services

Customer units can be dyno tested to check for and verify general condition of transmission.

  • Printed Dyno Sheet Supplied After Dyno Service
  • Can Dyno with TranSynd™ or ATF
  • General Condition Dyno Verification
  • Ridgefield, Washington: 360-887-7520
  • Spokane, Washington: 509-535-3663


Semi truck Chassis dyno
Semi Truck Chassis Dyno
  • Dyno for Class 3-8 Commercial Trucks
  • Check for HP, Torque, and Blowby
  • Pre-Purchase / Pre-Sale Dyno Testing
  • Troubleshoot for Blown Head Gaskets
  • Cylinder Kit and New Engine Break-In
  • Simulated Load to Troubleshoot: Overheating, Turbo Lag, Fan Operation, Cooling System, and More
  • Ridgefield, Washington: 360-887-7520
  • Spokane, Washington: 509-535-3663
  • Eugene, Oregon: 541-225-2020
  • Medford, Oregon: 541-779-4622


Engine Borescope Inspection Services

Our engine borescope inspections help evaluate engine health and identify components that may prematurely fail.

  • Helps Identify Unseen Engine Issues
  • Plan for Unscheduled Maintenance Ahead of Time
  • INSPECT FOR: Bad Valves, Overheating, Cylinder Wall Scoring, Cracked Pistons, Bad Head Gaskets, FOD, Abnormal Valve Deposits, and More
  • Kent Branch Only: 253-854-0505
diesel engien borescope


diesel engine painting
Engine Painting
  • Five Downdraft Paint Booths
  • Durable Engine Paint Surfaces
  • Custom Colors and Markings
  • Marine Grade Coatings
  • Ridgefield: 360-887-5900
  • Kent: 253-854-0505



About Pacific Power Products

As a Detroit Diesel, Perkins and MTU engine distributor, Pacific Power Products has deep expertise in off and on highway industrial diesel engines and the equipment they power. Our markets include: commercial transport, agriculture, timber harvesting, mining, marine, and power generation to name a few. We are a partner with our customers; helping to ensure the up-time availability and reliability of their equipment. To learn more about Pacific Power Products engine dynamometer services, engine remanufacturing, or to tour our facilities please contact us.

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